How We Do It…

Raw material is screened to ensure that no unwanted materials enters the recycled Aggregate.

The screened material is then crushed to size producing high quality recycled aggregates that meet tight specifications. Aggregates are tested on a regular basis, by an external testing house, so that you can be confident that the products you purchase will match your projects exact requirements.

If you need more detailed information about products and their uses we have a dedicated Senior Sales team who can advise and support your project.

CCC Aggregate

Products Available:

  • MOT Type 1
  • 6F2 6F5 Crushed Brick
  • 10mm Pipe Bedding
  • 20mm Pipe Bedding
  • 40mm Pipe Bedding
  • 6 x 4 (Washed)
  • Road Planings
  • Fine Sand
  • Coarse Sand
  • Sandfill
  • As Dug Soil
  • Screened Soil

Other products available, just call to discuss. 0151 548 7273.

For Aggregates in the North West - CCC offers the
construction industry a full range of wrap quality Aggregate

Recycled and Quarried Aggregates available. We hold some of the largest stock piles in the region.
All recycled products are produced on our fully licenced site in Simonswood, Knowsley.

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