Hot weather can cause unusual smelly rubbish as bacteria on food and rubbish develops more quickly. Summer temperatures can cause a risk to health so be prepared and take extra care with food and waste.

Our Colleagues in the Waste industry are sharing this advice !- Whilst wheeled bins are designed to effectively contain both refuse and recycling waste in all weathers, bins and waste can attract flies and maggots and start to smell in the heat. Try to ensure that all waste is kept within your bins to reduce any associated odours.

To help reduce such smells, make sure you:

  • move bins out of direct sunlight and keep their lids closed at all times
  • double bag food waste and nappies and squeeze the air out of the top of the bags before you tie them
  • clean bins with disinfectant after they have been emptied – you can pour boiling water over them to kill any maggots
  • recycle as much as possible to reduce waste
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    Smelly Bins!!