CCC is fundraising to help provide 4 heated mattresses for the neonatal unit at Liverpool Womens Hospital.Having seen the amazing jobs doctors and nurses do for premature and sick babies has totally overwhelmed us! seeing parents through highs and lows helped us understand the importance of supporting The Newborn Appeal.

Babies can lose heat rapidly, as much as four times more quickly than adults. Premature and low-birthweight babies usually have little body fat and may be too immature to regulate their own temperature, even in a warm environment… When babies are cold-stressed, they use energy, oxygen and much needed calories to generate warmth.

Management of body temperature in neonates is often challenging, these superior warming systems help baby. Having heated mattresses on neonatal also allows parents and family to be more independent with their babies care,it also prevents a whole chain of events.

CCC came up with the idea of ‘Name a wagon’ we have 31 wagons to name. How it works is simple…once you have donated,your name is put into a draw. When we have reached our target, names will be pulled out at random selection…we will then contact the winners and a wagon will be named after a person of their choice, followed by a certificate and picture of the wagon with their name on it.

once you have donated email

and please leave the following information;CCC waste management companies north west and skip hire

-your name

-the name you wish to put into the draw

-your email address

let us come together and meet this target.